Our State-by-State Tracker below is a growing library identifying public officials whose conduct violated public trust.

The Tracker always provides supporting documents or references.

See detailed notes at the bottom of this page about how the Tracker functions and its fields.

We invite you to send us information to add, to comment, or to make a Referral.  If you would like an entry on the Tracker to become a Feature Narrative, or to have its own Petition Drive or Survey Drive, let us know.  Your choice.

1. The Tracker lists violations as separate entries. Therefore, one official may have multiple line items, reflecting a series of individual actions that demonstrate a pattern of violations over time.
2. We upload the source records for each entry. When possible, we also add links to additional research.
3. One source document, such as an investigative report, may yield several entries, if it discusses distinct violations spread over a period of time.
4. See Referrals/Commissions Page to find out how you can suggest candidates for review, and criteria used to select them for listing on the Tracker.