“Seizure” – 4 Audios


  • Included: 4 Audios of 4 days of live testimony from Bergen County, NJ state court (Landlord-Tenant Part).
  • Length: 56 minutes (total of 4 audios)
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In 2014, how did New Jersey state judge Susan Steele repeatedly use her court to threaten a family with eviction, backed by repeated police intervention, even after the landlord admitted the state of NJ (not the tenant) owed the back rent? In the audio recording of the live proceedings, hear absolute power play out.
The family?  Disabled father, mother, and toddler. The father received a partial rental subsidy from the State of NJ because of a mental health condition. The family was to pay the remaining portion of the rent themselves. The family was current on their portion of the rent. However, due to Hurricane Sandy, NJ State fell behind on its share, which the state was to send directly to the landlord. You will hear how judge Steele helped the landlord squeeze the tenant for the money, although both the judge and the landlord’s attorney state on record that the tenant did not owe the rent.
Judge Steele made the tenant return to court over and over, as local police knocked on his door repeatedly. She issued warrant after warrant for his tenancy to be seized by the New Jersey court. The tenant ultimately prevailed, but not before being hospitalized for stress induced seizures.
Audio includes 4 Days of the actual proceedings, disclosing the statements of judge Steele, the landlord’s attorney and the tenants.

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