Featured Track:  “Seizure”

FREE: Listen to the first day of Judge Susan Steele administering a landlord tenant hearing in Bergen County Court, New Jersey.  She acknowledges the disabled tenant, Azariah Richardson, does not owe rent.  The state of New Jersey had failed to make payment of a subsidy to the landlord.  Then, why would the judge drag him to court for months, despite reports of landlord harassment, including police knocks and threats of criminal charges against him?   Why would she then hide his case records, refusing to release them to the public? Hear it go down.

Bonus info not on the audiotapes: The tenant suffered stress induced seizures before Steele ended the case.  The behind-the-scenes reason that Steele stood down? Another tenant in her court for a separate case Steele was administering witnessed the proceedings in Richardson’s case, and filed a complaint with then-Administrative Judge Peter Doyne and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.  Yet, the state never compensated Richardson for the emotional duress.. . . And judge Steele? Promoted by NJ Chief Justice Rabner. 


Audio Length: 11 mins., 11 sec.


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Why this judge?

Click here for our recent 3PM Blog post (April 28, 2021), providing reasons Steele remains a risk for citizens and is an ongoing example of political protectionism. 

Based on online profiles, one may think Steele retired.  Actually, she remains on the bench in 2021, with a promotion.  She can remain active until age 80.  Using tax dollars, the N.J. AG’s Office (pic) defended her against a civil rights complaint.  The AG’s Office never referred her to discipline, and saw no misconduct.  Judge for yourself if her narrative merited rewards from N.J. tax payers, including promotion, restatement after retirement, and assignment to the NJ criminal bench.